Available courses

The modules for this subject are mainly to understand the fundamental principles of ship construction, theories and factors affecting trim and stability and necessary measures to preserve trim and stability - Calculation of Areas and Volumes (Use of Trapezoidal Rule), Interpret knowledge of the theories of the rule in the construction and stability of the ship using Simpson’s Rule (First, Second, and Third Rule), Effects of Density in preserving the Trim and Stability relevant to (Displacement+TPC+FWA), Free Surface Effect of liquids on Stability and Virtual reduction in GM in spaces with rectangular and triangular water planes, List and Trim about the keel, center line and trim. Calculation with bodily sinkage/rise, change of trim, change of draft, TRIM and GML.  

Knowledge of IMO recommendations concerning ship stability. The Dynamical stability at a given Angle of Heel, factors and conditions of Rolling Period of a ship (New displacement and new GM + radius of gyration + moment of inertia + new period of roll). The integration of IMO knowledge on Intact Stability Code of 2008 concerning ship stability.

Knowledge of the effect on trim and stability of a ship in the event of damage to and consequent flooding of a compartment and counter measures to be taken. The bilging and permeability in the stability pattern, List due to Bilging Side Compartments. The effects of stability in the event of Dry Docking and Grounding. Calculate squat when ship at open waters and restricted waters, Trim and Stability due to Flooding.